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Leah Lubin is an author and artist.   She was born in Israel, grew up in England, and now makes her home in Woodside, California.  She recently completed her first novel, Between Two Worlds, along with eight poetry books.  The poetry compilations, Continent of Light, published in 2011, and World of Change, published in 2014, include her work.

Her short story, An Artist’s Fairytale, first appeared in Detail, A Journal of Art Criticism, published by the Women’s Caucus for Art, in September 1997.

In 1998, the Leonardo Electronic Almanac, published by the MIT Press, presented her short story, I Paint The Cosmos. The April, July, and November 2000 issues contained parts one, two, and two of a series titled An Artist's View of Space Science.

Leah has also written a column, A Personal View, for CoastViews Magazine.

America’s only national British newspaper, Union Jack, recently published two new articles by Leah.

Leah is listed in Poets & Writers under both the creative writing and poetry categories.





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