Between Two Worlds

Written and Illustrated by Leah Lubin



This book is about Susan who views our human history over the last 5,000 years based on interpretations, personal opinions and memories of our ancestors. Susan is introduced as an observer here on Earth with the ability to remember and record within her cells what truly happened. She is here from the cosmic plane, also known as the Astral, part of the Heavenly realm of God.

Susan chooses to live amongst us in a human form describing her experiences and memories of three different lifetimes on Earth. A visionary thinker, she is a believer in mankind’s eventual peaceful existence on Earth.

The first life is as a cave artist living with a primitive Stone Age clan in our earliest days experiencing the bonding of collective living as man establishes existence on Earth.

Her second life is spent watching the amazing life of Abraham, and his extended family. Here, she arrives at a true understanding of the roots of the struggle between Israel and her Arab neighbors.

Susan’s third life is set in modern times, sharing with us her experiences, and personal faith as she participates in the unfolding process of God’s plan of peace.

This book, “Between Two Worlds”, is the first of a trilogy of work on this subject.





Heightened Perception Of Two Worlds

May God who created peace in the Heavens create peace on Earth.

The year 2060 finds Susan back on the Astral Plane for good. Settled in, you might say.

Susan has undertaken writing the experiences of her three lives on Earth. A serious endeavor that would later be known as "Susan’s Trilogy".

"How do I look now?" Susan wonders to her self. Her earthly bodies and their familiar images float in front of her eyes. Her Astral form seemed to include some favorite body parts: Red wavy hair from her modern life, and small delicate feet from her middle life. That wonderful body, always eighteen, from her first life, given to her perfectly formed as a gift from the "Who’s Who" of the Astral Plane. The elders, the wise ones all had a part in making that body.

Telling her own story was of utmost importance to Susan. In her natural state, Susan is an energy force who always was and is always with us.

Here, before the Earth’s creation, part of God’s purest and most powerful "group force" known as "Universal Energy". With a fully evolved intelligence, she is a deeply emotional expressive force. But Susan also has an extremely strong self-identity, and that was what talked through her, pushed her, to experience more than life on the Astral. A life forever blissful, but without the challenges of life on Earth. So, you might say she is an Astral pioneer. Playing an unfamiliar and challenging role previously not yet undertaken by her fellow Astral family.

It is through her words and through watching her experiences that we, yes all of us, can share a part of it.