Artist Statement


It is important to me as an artist that you look at the total image of what my work is about. I consider myself to be a modernist, even though many styles have influenced my work, some of them classical in nature.

One of the joys of using abstract art as a medium is that it meets the viewer half way. It makes room for their life experiences and influences to be projected on the piece of art, opening up a two way connection between the artist and his viewers.

I also consider myself to be a colorist, using color as one of my most important language tools. For me, color has very strong qualities, such as healing and attraction, and I use it as a major theme in all my paintings.

It is hard for me to express some of my feelings about abstract shapes, such as circles and ovals, that I have been working with for the last twenty years. They mean reality shifts to me, crossing over from what we understand as our reality to a more open thinking universal reality, especially shapes and forms that can be found in the Cosmos which surrounds us all.

I moved to the Woodside hills and have been living daily with some of the most beautiful nature on Earth. To say that I now live in a redwood tree forest should give you a clearer picture of the environment.

My drawings and paintings reflect my love of lines and movement, especially that of ballet dancers, both male and female in their various shapes and moods.

My work, both drawing and painting, use the themes of shapes and life as it moves in self-expression.