An Artist’s Dilemma and Compromise



In the manner of traditional ballet but with a very modern look and focus.  “An Artist’s Dilemma and Compromise” introduces us to a famous and much loved artist who hides a deep secret of unfulfillment deep inside.  Any attempt at great art leaves him empty and longing, until one day he is invited to a dance performance.

This performance so moves him that he invites the two dancers to his studio to paint and draw them.

So sure is he that he has found his missing piece and is about to paint his best masterpieces of his lifetime.  That night, he dreams about ballet.

The next day, as he poses the dancers on the stage in his studio, he explains the usual tales he uses with all his models.  “Tea break” every thirty minutes, but don’t move a single muscle until them”.

At first “The Dancers” do their best to keep still.  But they are dancers – something inside lives to move that is how they express themselves.  So they start dancing.  Slowly at first, then faster.  The Artist gets angry and re-poses them.  He returns to his easel to see that once again they have started to dance.

One more time he re-poses them with specific instructions not to move until he tells them to.

Back at his easel he is sure all will now be well.  But within five minutes again as if they cannot help it the dancers begin to dance and dance all over the Artist’s studio.

Finally he has had it, the Artist points to the door to dismiss them.  The dancers stop dancing and realize what they have done.  Broken hearted they start going towards the door.  So disappointed because they were very happy to have the Artist paint them.

As they are about to leave the studio the Artist has a break through.  It’s him and his work technique that needs to change.  For centuries the Artists of the world have drawn and painted dancers as they posed and not as they moved, it was up to him to change that.  Dancers must move, after all they are dancers and, it’s the Artist’s job to meet that challenge.

Suddenly a rush of deep happiness fills the Artist.  He rushes to the door and quickly returned the dancers onto the studio platform.  “You can dance” he tells them “just slowly, at least at first”.  Finally, with new work the Artist and his friends celebrate.