An Artistís Dilemma and Compromise

General Information


This ballet has a very modern look, but it carries the feel of the classic ballet myth story style.

Telling the ballet story is our storyteller who will lead us with dialogue through each scene as they unfold.  On stage we will see five acts. 

Act 1.  A small beginning scene with the Artist on
           stage thinking about his life and his
           dissatisfaction with his work.  His assistant
           comes on and tells him about the invitation
           to a performance, the Artist decides to go.

Act 2.  The ballet performance.

Act 3.  That night, the Artist dreams of ballet.

Act 4.  The Artist and two dancers are at the art studio.

Act 5.  The party for the Artist and his work, with
            performances by guests.

The dancers will perform a traditional ballet style as the focus with use of pantomime as a means of expression and story telling.

The main focus and concept is important.  The famous Artist who steps down from his high stance rethinks his problems/compromises, and gets to keep the two dancers as his models.

Exhibited on stage will be modern artwork with a theme of human form and movement.

My goal is to see this ballet performed in beautiful and appropriate theatres around the U.S.A.


Leah Lubin