Abstractions are my first love.  They kept me busy and discovering for my first ten years as an artist.  Life On Ednamary was my experience living in Mountain View’s busy Ednamary Street.



After The Storm


Between Two Worlds


Black And White


Cells Of Growth


Color In Motion


Come To Me


Fabric Art




Haifa Caves


Hard Edge


Her Other Self


Honeycomb Atoms


In Her Cave


In The Beginning

In The Collection


Inner Game


Inner Play


Inner Sanctum




Life On Ednamary


Looking Through The Window Of Life

Man In Orange


Nature At Large




Play In Color


Playing In The Band




Spirit World


Sun Rise




The Body


The Core


The Dream


The Storm


The Web




Well Read


When Life Was New


Wine, Beer, and an Egg


Wine, Coffee, and Fruit


British Flowers


Yellow Cave Painting



Spirit World In Action


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